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Meet Noah and Adriana

Noah Smith Adriana Smith

Meet Noah and Adriana, nonspeaking authors and energy workers. Mom Sharon uses facilitated communication with physical touch to assist the body to type, overriding the autistic impulses.

We can assist those who are nonverbal or have limited or unreliable conversational speech to express thoughts. Workshops for caregiver training will be led by those new communicators!

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Let's Bee Now

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History repeats itself only when it's allowed to continue the same patterns and behaviors as previously observed. However, at any given moment, the slightest interference in a single pattern structure can change the trajectory of the future of the entire Universe, which is why the present moment is so important. The present holds all the keys and answers to unlocking humanity's full potential.

Watch as Seer Melissa Jolly Graves and Spiritual Advisor Noah Smith (a nonverbal Autistic) communicate through telepathic communication, to bring you the buzz on energy, the universe, and spirit.

Intuitive, mom, and telepathic trainee Sharon Padgett Smith showcases her skills by tapping into Noah's physical energy, as he guides her to type and communicate on a human level.

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We are stocking up on our favorite calming, grounding and therapeutic oils for upcoming workshops for autism and energy!

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Force Barbell

Adaptive Inclusive Powerlifting

Fishers, IN

  • 14036 Britton Park Rd
  • 46038
  • MWF - 4:00pm-5:15pm

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