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Meet Noah and Adriana

Noah Smith Adriana Smith

Noah and Adriana never stop working energy. At events, Noah will often touch those who are drawn to him or who have a special energy. However, the general public is not always as open to this and I don't always have a simple explanation falling back on "he has autism" as skeptics may not accept "he's an energy healer!" Adriana will insist that I tell people in the grocery store that she loves their energy and then proceed to talk about a family member who may or may not have passed! I'm a connector, not a medium | of this writing. I am learning, or remembering, on this journey. My adult children are the experts. My part is to assist in communication when needed and to help parents like me connect to their children. If you feel energy from any of us, please let us know! We plant seeds so many of the growth seen will happen later!

Check Facebook or Instagram for the latest info. Sharon Padgett Smith or Sharonsweb Autism Foundation on Facebook will have the most info.

Currently we travel from Indiana to Kentucky, Ohio and Minnesota but will be adding more areas with your invitations. Ideally we will be hosting retreats at Airbnb locations where Noah and Adriana can work at their own pace in their own way while other healers are offering sessions as well. If you have an event like this, please invite us!

For the autism community, especially those nonspeaking or with limited or unreliable speech, we can assist. | We use Facilitated Communication but it's more than that. There's an energy component that I noticed more with Noah initially than Adriana but I'm now seeing in others. This would be a workshop lead by Noah and Adriana with my assistance.

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